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Plastic French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry box set (FN120)

Perry Miniatures FN120 Plastic French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry box set
[wpsm_titlebox title=”History” style=”3″]“Cavalry is useful before, during and after the battle,” wrote Napoleon, and he stressed the need for audacity in its employment and careful training to achieve true discipline. He was also insistent that careful categorization according to role was of great importance… It was some time before the French cavalry reached its full potential, as it had suffered the loss of many officers during the Revolutionary period, but by 1807 it was reaching its prime. The great charges led by Murat at Eylau and Grouchy at Friedland played vital parts in the outcome of these battles.” (Chandler – “Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars” pp 85-86)

“Under Napoleon, the French cavalry were, in contrast to the infantry, far more renowned for their action in masses than for their duty as light troops. They were deemed irresistible, and even Napier admits their superiority over the English cavalry of that day. Wellington, to a certain degree, did the same. And strange to say, this irresistible cavalry consisted of such inferior horsemen … no soldiers are so careless of their horses as the French.” (“The Armies of Europe” in Putnam’s Monthly, No. XXXII, published in 1855)

The cavalry, artillery and infantry participated in numerous battles and campaigns. Albert-Jean-Michel de Rocca writes: “The various troops that composed our army, especially the cavalry and infantry, differed extremely in manners and habits. The infantrymen, having only to think of themselves and their muskets, were selfish, great talkers, and great sleepers. … They were apt to dispute with their officers, and sometimes they were even insolent to them … They forgot all their hardships the moment they heard the sound of the enemy’s first

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